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The current collection of Pemberton Park & Leisure Homes presents a diverse selection of single unit homes. Within our holiday home collection, we offer a remarkable array of choices across nine distinct ranges, encompassing a total of 23 models. These static homes feature either two or three bedrooms, with dimensions spanning from 30′ x 12′ to 43′ x 14′, ensuring ample flexibility to accommodate various pitch sizes.

Our Pemberton static leisure homes are characterised by their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each unit is finished with high-quality aluminium cladding as a standard feature. However, for those seeking a truly captivating aesthetic, our entire range can be elevated to the status of a stunning lodge through the option of upgrading to CanExel woodgrain cladding.

Furthermore, we take pride in offering our complete range built to meet the rigorous BS3632 Residential Specifications. By adhering to these standards, our static leisure homes are equipped to withstand the demands of any season. This means you no longer have to endure the inconvenience of closing down your holiday home during the winter months; instead, you can retreat to your favourite destination and enjoy its comforts year-round, regardless of the weather conditions.

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