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The current collection of Pemberton Park & Leisure Homes showcases a wide range of twin unit homes, offering discerning customers an extensive selection to choose from. Our luxury lodge and park homes collection is designed to impress, featuring an impressive array of options across four distinct ranges, encompassing a total of thirteen models. These luxurious homes boast two or three bedrooms, with dimensions ranging from 42′ x 16′ to 50′ x 22′, allowing for great versatility to accommodate various pitch sizes.

Our static homes are available as holiday homes, equipped with high-quality vinyl cladding as a standard feature. However, for those seeking a heightened level of sophistication, our entire range can be upgraded to luxury lodges by opting for CanExel woodgrain cladding. Additionally, we offer the option of transforming these static homes into traditional park homes by applying stucco cladding, preserving a timeless aesthetic.

In alignment with our commitment to providing exceptional quality, our entire selection of twin units can be constructed in accordance with the rigorous BS3632 Residential Specifications. This adherence ensures that your static home not only meets but surpasses the prescribed standards, guaranteeing a comfortable and secure living environment for our esteemed clientele.

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