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  • Residential Specification

    What is BS3632:2015?

    BS 3632:2015 Specification for Residential park homes and Residential Lodges is a British Standard introduced by the British Standards Institute, that specifies the minimum requirements for the design, construction, and performance of residential park homes and lodges.

    BS 3632 aims to ensure that residential park homes provide comfortable and energy-efficient living environments, covering design and build aspects such as structural integrity, insulation, ventilation, fire safety, plumbing, electrical systems, and overall construction quality. It sets out specific criteria for features such as the thickness and performance of insulation materials, the strength and durability of the structure, and the efficiency and safety of heating and ventilation systems.

  • To be approved by the NCC, static home manufacturers must ensure that their residential park homes meet certain quality and safety standards.

    The requirements outlined by BS 3632 encompass a comprehensive and technically intricate set of criteria. However, to simplify this, the following highlights some key advantages associated with constructing a residential specification home:

    • Increased wall, flooring and roof insulation
    • Double glazed windows
    • Central heating and improved ventilation systems
    • All A-rated appliances, including low energy (LED) lighting where applicable
    • Soundproofed walls
    • Larger spaces for ovens and refrigerators/freezers
    • More rigorous advice and warnings
    • Thermostatic controlled hot water supply

Insulation & Soundproofing

Heating & Ventilation

Energy Efficiency

Windows & Doors

Pemberton FAQs

Your questions answered...

  • What is the residential upgrade?

    Pemberton are the only  manufacturer to offer their customers the opportunity to upgrade any model in the range to residential specification BS3632:2015, thus enabling them to live in their desired home all year round. This standard defined by the British Standards Institute, was last updated in November 2015 (BS3632:2015), defines a far superior building standard relative to the EN1647 standard applied to holiday homes on holiday parks.

  • What type heating is used?

    Pemberton uses Morco GB24 Condensing boiler A-rated heating.

  • What type of insulation is used in the floor?

    A minimum of 65mm Insulation.

  • What type of insulation is used in the roof?

    250mm Superglass Fibreglass.

  • What type of insulation is used in the wall?

    100mm Thick Insulated Wall.

  • What type of lighting is used?

    LED lighting.

  • What type of pipe lagging is used under the caravan?

    15x25mm Armcell superior pipe insulation on all pipe work.

  • What type of windows are used?

    Double glazed U-PVC with Low-E glass (U=value 1.6).

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