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The Pemberton Standard

Here at Pemberton, we pride ourselves on our innovative and intelligent design, and careful thought we put into every step of our build process.

The Pemberton

Design & Building Process

  • Imagining The Future Pemberton

    Our design process commences a full year ahead of the launch of each new collection.

    During this phase, our Area-Sales Managers will liaise with the holiday parks, residential parks and customers that we sell to. Our customer’s feedback is highly valued, and we use this to help identify areas where enhancements can be introduced to our future designs.

    Our technical team will then collaborate closely with our interior designer to conduct extensive research and analysis of forthcoming trends, products, and any pertinent legislation changes.

  • Designing The Future Pemberton

    After finalising the proposed changes, our technical team and interior designer initiate the implementation phase of the design process. This involves sampling and selecting materials such as fabrics, woods, and appliances, ensuring that each component meets our stringent quality standards.

    Collaborating with our purchasing team, suppliers are chosen based on the superior quality of their products, and when feasible, their use of sustainable materials. Our engineering team conduct a series of tests to guarantee that our designs not only offer practical and high-quality living solutions but also surpass established safety benchmarks.

  • Building The Future Pemberton

    Our final stage of the design and build process is the construction and reviewing of the new Pemberton design.

    Pemberton homes are proudly British-made within our factory here in Wigan. Here, our in-house joiners skillfully craft the majority of our furniture, ensuring precise attention to detail and uncompromising quality.

    Upon obtaining the final prototype, we engage in feedback-gathering. Subsequently, any necessary final adjustments are implemented, culminating in the completion of the new Pemberton home, poised for its official launch.

  • Supplying The Future Pemberton

    Prior to delivery our undergo a comprehensive series of rigorous quality checks. Firstly, it must successfully pass the exacting standards of either the Holiday Home Standard EN 1647 or the Residential Standard BS 3632, ensuring compliance with industry benchmarks.

    Furthermore, our dedicated quality assurance team conducts thorough inspections at three critical junctures: within our factory, during the pre-dispatch phase, and finally, upon reaching its designated location. This meticulous scrutiny guarantees that the Pemberton home meets our commitment to excellence at every stage of its journey.

BS3632 - Residential Specification

The Warmer Pemberton

Energy Efficiency

The Economic Pemberton


The Safer Pemberton

Carbon Footprint

The Greener Pemberton

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